Frequently Asked Questions

How Mr. Moe came to be:
When I was 8 years old I was rushed to a small North Dakota hospital with a ruptured appendix.  While spending 21 days in the hospital my dad would come to visit me often. My dad would try to find out how I was feeling during his visits, he would draw a smile-frown face on a sheet of paper.  If I wasn’t feeling the best the face and my dad would always make me feel better.

That time in my life influenced my career, as I became a pediatric nurse for 14 years.  I have always wanted to share my Dad’s special drawing and the joy and comfort that it brought me.  By using the drawing I have taken care of many patients that cannot communicate well and need a way to start that process.

Our hope and prayer is that Mr. Moe is a tool to help people of all ages express their emotions.

How to use Mr Moe:

Mr Moe is a tool to share feelings.

Emotions such as: happy, sad, worry, joy, anxiety, felling alone, or many other emotions that are sometimes hard to talk about or portray.

Counseling tool - Counselers use this as a communication starter.  Children and teenagers don't always like to talk to a stranger about deep personal feelings, but Mr. Moe can break the ice and help with anxiety.

Parents can use Mr. Moe with their kids to share how the day went at school, at a sleepover, or at a special event.

Used as a happy/sad face - fun bedroom decor, its great to hug or hold as the child shares their inner feelings just to Mr Moe.  

College students- used in the dorm to help a roommate or others know the feeling in the room.